The 2nd Dakota ParaGames is just around the corner and we could NOT be more excited.  Here is more information for athletes, coaches, parents and directors more about this amazing competition. REGISTRATION EXTENDED.  ALL ATHLETES MUST REGISTER BY MONDAY, JUNE 17TH.

  1. Classification for Track and Field– If you have NOT been Nationally Classified you will have to do a “Soft” Classification.  The following links will help you determine a possible classification.  This needs to be done prior to registration.  Keep in mind, if you qualify for and attend Junior Nationals in Minnesota, you will need to be Nationally Classified there by Adaptive Sports USA.  National Classification takes place between Sunday (14 July) till Tuesday (16 July). 


        An additional note: if you are an athlete with a leg limb difference or compete with a leg       

        prosthesis, more information is available at:          


       If you require further clarification or have additional questions, please email Coach Yvette 

       Matthews at


    2.  Classification for Archery – This can be done at the archery event on 23 June (Sunday). 

    3.  Registration – Once you have determined your “SOFT” classification, go to:     
 to register.  The individual athlete or their parents need to

         register.  The USA Track and Field Official may need to contact individuals and he will need to

         have contact information for the individuals competing.   REGISTRATION EXTENDED.  ALL


    4.  Field – We want to encourage all track athletes to also register for the field events, even if you

         have not practiced those events.  Most of you will have to be at Junior Nationals before FIELD

         Day (Wednesday, 17 July) for classification, so you might as well compete.  We will have a

         short field clinic at the Dakota ParaGames, which should teach you enough to qualify for

         Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals. 


    5.  Tentative Schedule

        22 June – Saturday

        Sanford Sports Complex,

        Legacy High School

        3406 East Calgary Ave., Bismarck, ND


               7:15 am –Volunteers’ meeting

               7:30 am – open track practice

               7:50 am - track closes

               8:00 am – Track starts

        Order of events

               400m, 1500m, 100m, 800m, 60m, 200m, friends and family fun run

               12:15 pm – Field clinic

               1:00 pm – Field events start

        23 June - Sunday

        Nishu Bowman Archery

        1409 Riverwood Dr., Bismarck


                9:00 am - competition starts.


    6.  Rooms – We have a block of rooms reserved at EverSpring inn and Suites in Bismarck.  The 

         address is 200 East Expressway.  (701) 222-2900 Mention the Dakota ParaGames for the



    7.  Dreams in Motion waivers – Waivers and Concussion Policy Forms must be signed before the

         events.  If a parent is not attending the competition, minors will have to have bring signed

         forms to the event.


Waiver for minors


Waiver for adult competitors


Concussion Policy

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